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Ahh man, Naruto The Last Movie character design spoilers if you don’t want to read?

It’s going to take some time to get used to… just like when I first heard about Shippuden!

It makes me sad to see Naruto all grown up! But I think I like his hair shorter. And… there were some bandages wrapped around his right hand. So I’m interested in knowing if he kept the Sage’s power? Or maybe it was injured after trying to use the seal on Kaguya? (I haven’t read ch. 690 at this point) Is he hiding the Sun Seal thingie? He could use a glove for that though… Can he still use the Rasengan effectively?

Sakura! Wow! She looks like she’s ready to settle down! D’: Oh man, just thinking about how spiky and all over the place her hair was in the beginning! It’s just- woah! X3

Sai wasn’t a favorite of mine, but I like his bangs! It’s also nifty how he can carry around his giant scroll pretend wacom tablet thingie! :3

Though oh man! Tenten looks awesome! :333 Like a Legendary Kunoichi! :333 I remember an interview where Kishimoto declared that his favorite girl when it comes to design was Tenten! So maybe he really wanted Tenten’s design to be awesome again?

And I’m glad that Shikamaru and Lee haven’t changed much. Though I noticed that Shikamaru’s armor seemed familiar… It looks like Sunagakure armor? … Wait, I checked Baki’s armor and it’s just because of the shoulder pads. :’3 Nevermind.

I was surprised that Choji got a haircut really! I was thinking his hair would be long forever like his Dad’s! :3

I kind of like Gaara’s… his hair looks like a big ol’ cow lick itself! XD It’s just more… wild… and the fact that he has a smaller gourd for his sand makes me think that he’s more productive when using it in battle. Maybe it’s sort of like he can use less from his gourd to do the job? Or maybe he can use his chakra to make sand from his surroundings? He’s probably faster, too!

Temari… Hmm… Um… I’m not sure about 2 pigtails instead of 4… It’s just that mostly… little kids have pigtails on top of their heads. Oh man, just- I know most people don’t have 4 pigtails in at a time, but still! :’3 It’s just that her face is so mature and sexy and on top of her head… are 2 childish pigtails. :””””3

I can tell you one thing: I’m still waiting for Ino’s design!!! I’m excited-nervous after seeing the second set of designs!


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