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Actual 10-Year-Olds Playing Pokemon

Here’s a new side blog of mine!

Submit some silly stories of you when you were 10-years-old and playing Pokemon!

Or let an actual 10-year-old play one of your old games and check on them once in a while or play with them!!

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Oh my Madoka, why is she so cute. Why is she so sexy. I just wanna go to the bakery right now and flirt the shite outta her. I’d buy one of her cupcakes and give it to her right there.

You can’t go wrong with a baker. You just cannot.

I wanna dress up as Deadpool and give her $500 for all the ice cream she lost to Arthur the aardvark.

I think I shall make another blog. Another main blog separate from this one… ‘cause I think there needs to be a blog with songs and Naruto and yeah.

I’m not sure if it’s already been done for the Naruto fandom, but…

And I will have to find the last page I was on in my likes to continue the queuing! :3 And edit the tags a little bit.

No, you stahp that. Don’t post pictures of you and your sexy smoldering self for me to look at on my fb wall. Yer killin’ me insides! I’m flushed as a brush! Red as a beet!

Naruto headcanon:

Oddish is the perfect Pokemon for Sakura Haruno, and no one can tell me otherwise!


 Spr 3f 043.png

look at the freakin’ weed! In my personal experience it’s really annoying to train and you need a lot of patience! It’s like Sakura when the other kids made fun of her forehead and Ino metaphorically watered Sakura like she was a freakin’ bud and that’s what training Oddish is like.

Around the beginning of Shippuden it would evolve into Gloom:

Spr 3f 044.png

It’s like “oh man it’s stronger and cooler and oh man I can’t wait to battle with it” but then it’s also kinda annoying to train too unless it has a type advantage and it’s a few levels above the opponent. Also its drool is supposedly really stinky and only 1 of 1000 actually like it! It’s like how Naruto would be the one of the 1000 and Sasuke wouldn’t! le gasp

Then finally after all the hard training with Tsunade and a special power-up we have Vileplume:

Spr 3f 045.png

And it’s like “yeah man it’s even stronger now even though it wobbles around with that cool giant petal thingie” and depending on how you use it its good but there are still waaay more Pokemon that would be better at what Vileplume does but Vileplume kicks butt anyway.

So Oddish is Sakura’s patronus.

The Oddish evolution line is like Sakura’s growth as a ninja.

Oddish and Sakura would be best friends 4 eva.

I’ve been on hiatus again because Arthur the aardvark did something or other last weekend. Something. Anyways, I’ll try to queue some shtuffs again and fix some tags.

And also, I will try to do something for Ino Week 2014! Because I wanted to do that and I’ve already missed half of it! D:

Because Ino is my lovely waifu. I don’t even know when or how it started, but I think it was because I could actually understand her a little bit better after going through sort of the same ordeal (especially with help from some headcanons). More on that in other posts! Have a good day! :3

OOH yes and I shall finally get to watch SMC! X333

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I have no idea why this is so funny, but I can’t stop laughing

I can’t breathe

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you’ve got some nerv making shitty evangelion jokes

that has got to be the worst joke eva

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